Woman With Fake Breasts Is Allowed To Join German Police

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:04 am, November 25, 2016

A court in Germany has settled a long-running legal battle by ruling that a woman with breast implants does have the right to apply to become a police officer.

A police force had previously rejected the woman’s application to join it because she has had breast augmentation surgery.

But this week the court – in Gelsenkirchen, western Germany – ruled that her silicon implants do not significantly increase the level of risk she would face as a police officer.

Three years ago a police doctor vetoed the woman’s first attempt to become an officer on medical grounds.

The woman, now 32, had passed every other requirement for entry.

Current rules state that police officers are not allowed breast implants because of the increased health risks associated with them, including the possibility they might tear while on active duty.

But based on a medical report compiled by the University of Bonn, a judge said that the police would have to review their regulations.

The university’s report concluded that there is no substantial risk to the plaintiff’s health due to her breast enlargements.

The woman’s lawyer, Sven Ollmann, said it was important to note that his client’s implants are of a superior quality to previous generations of implant.

Website The Local reported that Mr Ollmann said: “Even if they were to rip, nothing would happen.”

He added that the implants’ position behind the breast muscle means they are protected.

The authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia are now set to study the medical report before deciding if they want to appeal the ruling.

The woman, who currently works as a nurse, will have to retake the police exams which she already completed three years ago.

Her lawyer said: “She really wants to become a police officer.”