Woman Jailed for Pretending to Be Victim of Paris Attacks in Compensation Scam

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By Nahema Marchal | 10:22 am, November 22, 2016

A young mother who falsely claimed to have been injured during the Paris terrorist attacks in a bid to win compensation has been sent to jail.

A French court ruled that Laura Ouandjli, 24, was guilty of fraud for lying about being in the Carillon bar where ISIS gunmen shot 15 people last year. It was part of a wider assault on the French capital orchestrated by the Islamic State that claimed 130 lives in gunfire and suicide bomb attacks.

According to court documents, Ouandjli turned up at a police station in a Parisian suburb over a month after the attacks with her arm in a sling, claiming she had been “seriously wounded” in an “explosion.” She also presented documents saying she needed a skin graft and has lost her phone and wallet.

Her account immediately drew suspicion from police officers, because the Carillon attackers fired shots using automatic rifles, not bombs. A short investigation from the anti-terrorism police unearthed more inconsistencies in her account. The doctor who had supposedly signed her medical documents had never seen it, for example, while the photo she produced of her wounded arm had been lifted off the Internet.

Following the announcement of her one-year sentence, the unemployed young mother said: “I apologize to police, judges, lawyers, civil parties and victims.

“The real victims suffered enormously, and I did this for money in a stupid and childish way. When I realized what I had done, it was too late.”

Ouandjli will have to pay one symbolic euro of damages to the compensation fund for victims of terrorism.