Woman, 55, ‘Stored her Mother’s Corpse in Freezer for 10 Years’

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By Heat Street Staff | 5:37 am, June 2, 2017
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A woman in France stored her mother’s corpse in a freezer for a decade in order to collect the dead woman’s $2,200 monthly pension, according to
French prosecutors.

The grisly situation came to light this week as part of an investigation into an alleged social security fraud involving a woman aged 55, who has not been named for legal reasons.

The woman was living in a house in the village of Horsarrieu, near Pau, in South West France, while her mother’s body was kept in the freezer at the end of her garden. The freezer was not connected to the house’s electricity supply, meaning it was simply being used as a hiding place.

The corpse was found wrapped in a plastic sheet and old clothes.

The female suspect in the case was first interviewed by French police on Tuesday and apparently told them that her mother had died seven years ago.

However, because no medical fees were claimed by the mother since 2007, investigators believe it is possible that she died at least 10 years ago. Welfare payments have continued to be paid over the last decade.

In a further twist, it is understood the mother and daughter were living near the city of Toulouse, about 200 miles away where the body was discovered, when the mother died.

This means that the daughter is likely to have transported her mother’s corpse when they moved to Horsarrieu in July 2016.

The daughter has also been using her mother’s driving license by replacing the photo on it with a picture of herself.

Featured image via Flickr/Myrmi