Will Keith Vaz Be Suspended By Labour Like Simon Danczuk?

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By Miles Goslett | 6:30 am, November 14, 2016

Now that the police have confirmed they are investigating Keith Vaz for alleged drugs offences, will he be suspended from the Labour Party?

Compare Vaz’s case with that of his colleague Simon Danczuk.

Danczuk was suspended┬áby Labour in December 2015 after it was revealed he had been ‘sexting’ a 17-year-old girl he’d never met.

When news of his indiscretion broke, he was told he must sit as an Independent. His status remains unchanged.

In September the Sunday Mirror reported that Vaz, a married father of two and one of its most senior figures, had paid two rent boys for sex in his London flat in August 2016.

The paper claimed Vaz also offered to pay for cocaine, though he made clear he did not want to use the drug himself.

Which of these situations is considered by Labour to be more grave?

A Labour spokesman confirmed this morning that Danczuk is still suspended from the party.

They said they would provide a comment about Vaz in due course.

If Vaz isn’t suspended, won’t Labour be guilty of a double standard?