Wikileaks Assange Has Nothing on Hillary Clinton – But His Gums Are Rotting

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By Louise Mensch | 7:23 am, October 4, 2016

Julian Assange had nothing to say from the Embassy in London – not “Berlin” – about Hillary Clinton this morning, and the internet was not impressed. His shilling for Trump on behalf of Vladimir Putin has been noted throughout the press, including the New York Times.

But never fear! Wikileaks 10 does herald some MAJOR REVELATIONS – among them the fact that mad rape-charge dodger and Russian intel front Assange has filthy, rotting teeth that require gingival surgery.

In the release of Assange’s “health records”, Wikileaks admitted Assange was a lazy bastard who doesn’t exercise, is paranoid and narcissistic, and most disgustingly of all, has filthy rotten gums that are so bad he needs surgery.

According to the letter of his dentist, Assange needs gingival surgery and root canal treatment or surgical extraction…. this cannot be carried out within the Embassy

Which Julian can certainly get on the NHS any time he likes. He will also be arrested for dodging his bail as a fugitive and put on trial. The report was released in 2015, and a year later, Assange has either had the surgery in the Embassy (proving his medical whines are junk) or doesn’t need it (proving he’s a liar who’ll say anything for a free pass on a rape trial).

Other Assange revelations:

He doesn’t care for his own children

Assange is admitted not to bother having contact with his many far flung kids:

Mr. Assange has a young family in France, as well as children in Australia with whom he has been unable to have an affective relationship while in the Embassy

Assange blames his laziness on ‘security reasons’ but simply has not bothered to contact his own kids:

He informed me that for security reasons he had had no direct family contact and would not discuss his family further with me

He doesn’t exercise despite having a treadmill

Assange is full of excuses:

Since June 2015 however his physical condition has deteriorated due to limited range of movement, inability to exercise normally

And why can’t he walk on his treadmill?

he finds the treadmill unrewarding because it only serves to reinforce that he is trapped within the embassy.


But, when Assange was on bail with an ankle tag he also couldn’t exercise, the lazy git:

irritation to the skin which reduced his ability to exercise.

Assange now takes less than 5,000 steps a day and lives a sedentary lifestyle.

He is barking mad with paranoia:

After waking up on three consecutive nights he became convinced he was being woken by a banging on the wall or window of his bedroom. He became determined to “sleep with one eye open.”

He alleges a copper threw a pebble at his window. Assange whimpers about the Vienna convention for this (rofl) and

The incident prompted him to move to continually shift his sleeping locations around the Embassy

Assange is also a loony about his health:

……transforms each physical complaint no matter how simple into something that could have catastrophic consequences either for his health or his liberty. He lives in a state of chronic health insecurity.

Bear in mind – this is a man who dumps his kids on two continents, can’t be arsed to exercise, and has filthy gums. He’s also a big liar when it comes to medical treatment. What happened to Assange’s filthy teeth and root canal? He did not leave the Embassy so it’s clear either this was a made-up excuse or he can get surgery in situ.

Julian’s Space is Getting Even Smaller – Now There’s Just One Floor

Mr Assange says that he must shift his working and sleeping locations around the Embassy (which does not control the floor above or the floor belowboth apartments have recently changed ownership) due to security.

Julian is a Narcissist Who Bores On When Asked to Speak

He was invited to speak at the UN… he was supposed to speak for 15 minutes but went on for 35 minutes cutting into the time of his co-panelists which included the ambassador, a UN independent expert and his lawyer

Remember – this is a guy who doesn’t contact his own children!

Julian Assange Lies About Non-Existent Assassination Threats (Tweets)

The medical report is revealing in what it cites, falsely, as “assassination threats”. For example it cites a wikileaks you tube video including zero actual threats, and tweets by Michael Grunwald that he hopes Assange is “taken out by a drone” as an actual “assassination threat.” These are the excuses Assange gives for dumping on his kids – tweets.


Either way, the Russian intelligence front is clearly a mess in every way. Hillary Clinton and the victims of his trial-dodging can be glad that justice is being served to Assange in his wholly voluntary prison. Britons can be glad that Ecuador’s shrinking Embassy and its staff also have to suffer.