Why Left-Wing Satire Has Gone Too Far

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By Martin Daubney | 5:25 am, June 29, 2017

Another week, another fresh method of death has been served up by liberal cartoonists towards British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Yesterday, the Guardian’s Steve Bell depicted May as a ghoulish crash test dummy, hurtling headlong in a car towards a Brexit brick wall.

Yet it’s a tame offering compared to Monday’s Guardian, when Bell’s stablemate, Martin Rowson, drew May burning alive inside 10 Downing Street in grim pastiche of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster that left at least 79 people dead.

This shocked even seasoned media commentators – while others likened its depiction of May to “dreadful Nazi propaganda cartoons”.

But it was just another day at the office for progressive cartoonists, whose quills drip with a venom that is becoming increasingly embittered towards conservative women.

Fire is a favoured method of execution. A fortnight earlier, Rowson had depicted a screaming May being dragged by a horse into a field of burning wheat.

When Marine le Pen failed to become French President in May, Rowson had her burned at the stake, which drew the comment: “Nothing cheers me up like the sight of fascist tears”.

To the execution of right-wing female political leaders, we can add sexual defilement as, in March, Bell penned a cartoon of Theresa May being sodomized by Donald Trump, an advance on Rowson’s earlier cartoon featuring Trump torturing her.

Others sniggered that May’s hung parliament was a nice opportunity for a cartoon in which she would be depicted hanging – both by her trademark pearls and even her tongue.

This prompts the obvious question: why is the Left so obsessed with the agonising death and sexual defilement of conservative women? Doubly so as the Left’s execution methods –burning alive, hanging, torture, beheading – are more usually favoured by ISIS.

This was taken to new heights of obscenity in the USA when Kathy Griffin decided to play the liberal left’s Jihadi John – and was photographed with Donald Trump’s severed head.

Of all of these incidents, progressives might scoff “Jeez! It’s just satire! Get a life!”

But for that to ring true, we’d need to see an equality of accepting satire when it is directed at targets on the Left. And that is abundantly absent.

Instead, progressives are the first to cry “misogyny!” or “racism!” when they are the objects of satire.

We saw this in the UK when liberals rallied to defend Labour’s hapless Home Secretary Diane Abbott. When the Sacramento Bee drew Hillary Clinton with her head not decapitated but merely cropped from a cartoon, it was slammed as “gratuitously insulting and sexist” while some called for cartoonist Jack Ohman to be fired.

Yet when conservatives kick back against “satire”, they are derided as “snowflakes”.

Last month, Trump supporters interrupted a controversial performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar during the scene where its Trump-like Caesar is assassinated.

This drew scorn even from conservatives like Ben Shapiro, who branded them “alt-right SJWs”.

The big question is, does any of this have any real-world consequences? Is it just words, paper, ink? Or can the satirist’s pen lead to the bearing of actual swords

Obviously it can, but only if you satirise the wrong target – such as the prophet Mohammad.

That might explain why, following the Charlie Hebdo massacre, both Bell and Rowan chose not to scribe their own Mohammed satirist cartoons. Perhaps it clarifies why the Guardian refused to publish the offending cartoons
of the prophet Mohammed.

Reasoning they were quite attached to their own heads, liberal cowards decided to concentrate on decapitating conservatives instead – a soft target who “deserve what they get”.

But surely extremists on the left would never replicate the actions of jihadists? Don’t be so sure.

Last week, Eurosport released data that showed there has been a 100% boom in left-wing terrorist attacks in Europe. In 2016, there were more than twice as many “failed, foiled and completed” terrorist attacks by left-wing groups (27) than jihadists (13).

And in the wake of Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson shooting Republican Steve Scalise, extremism experts in the USA are starting to worry about the Left.

In order to justify the demonisation of a group, first you dehumanise them. Much is made of the dehumanisation of Jews, Muslims and other minority groups by the “right wing” media.

Apparently the one group in society which it is increasingly safe to dehumanise, taking joy from depictions of their torture and agonising death, is white conservatives.

For progressive satirists, they’re the only group left it’s truly safe to hate.