Where Are the Apples, Jeremy? Another Broken Corbyn Promise

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By Kieran Corcoran | 3:24 am, September 30, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn is flushed with new power, having tightened his grip on the Labour party still further.

At the close of its annual conference yesterday he promised a new era for the party, and a determination to seize power.

Ambitious words, from a man whose form on keeping promises is not great – and is indeed so poor he can’t even remember to hand out a batch of apples:

Indeed, Heat Street was recently reminded of one rather straightforward commitment that the beardy leader has yet to deliver on.

One of the most humiliating parts of The Outsider, a behind-the-scenes cringefest documentary by Vice News (watch the whole thing here), saw Corbyn signing tiles, photos and a host of other nonsense for his giddy fans.

When his interviewer asked whether the Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition was really signing crap instead of opposing the Government, he said:

Yeah – it’s a sideline we operate. We sign tiles, books, photos, bottles of drink. And when I get a good crop of apples from my allotment in September I’m gonna sign the apples. We’re gonna have signed apples.

Heat Street notes that today is September 30th, and no signed apples have been forthcoming. His office declined to comment.

How, we wonder, will he deliver a National Education Service, a £500 billion investment bank and peace in our time if he can’t deliver a barrel of apples?