WATCH: Iran’s ‘Morality Police’ Arrest Screaming Woman for Violating Islamic Dress Code

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By Kieran Corcoran | 7:30 am, December 5, 2016

Iran’s morality police subdue and arrest a screaming woman for violating the country’s strict Islamic dress codes in this viral footage shared yesterday.

The video, filmed recently in Tehran, shows the woman being surrounded by uniformed guards alongside a busy road, allegedly because her veil had slipped slightly, exposing her hair.

Grainy footage shows the woman, who is manhandled towards the end, trying to resist as the men close in on her.

Screams echo out, and some passers-by seem to intervene, before the covert footage cuts out.

The video was shared Sunday by the women’s rights campaign My Stealthy Freedom, which celebrates women who fight back against the Iranian state’s insistence on religious garb for women.

Sources close to the campaign told Heat Street that the woman was apprehended because a small amount of her hair was exposed, that her coat was too short.

The source, who declined to share the woman’s name out of concern for her safety, said: “Her crime was that her headscarf had retreated and her hair was showing and her mantou or raincoat was deemed as too short.”

The public post said: “This heartbreaking video shows an Iranian girl resisting arrest by morality police.

“This is 21st century and the government of Islamic Republic still dictates women’s dress because it thinks that women are incapable of choosing what they can wear.”

The issue entered the mainstream consciousness this Fall, when the capital city Tehran was chosen as the host of the women’s World Chess Championship.

US chess champion Nazi Paikidze
US chess champion Nazi Paikidze

Choosing Iran as the hosts means that competitors will be obliged by the same laws to compete wearing a hijab, whether they are Muslim or not.

Some, including US champion Nazi Paikidze, were incensed by the decision and organised a boycott of the competition, regardless of the cost to their careers.

Western feminism is conflicted on the issue, with many hesitant to speak out for fear of being dubbed Islamophobic, or be accused of demonstrating a “white savior” complex.