Video: Iranian Protester Ditches Hijab, Does a Cartwheel In Defiance of Morality Police

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By Kieran Corcoran | 4:00 am, April 27, 2017

An Iranian protester peeled off her legally-required veil and performed a cartwheel in a video published to snub the country’s hardline “morality police”.

The unnamed woman broke into acrobatics at a park in one of Iran’s biggest cities, then published the footage online.

It was filmed in Narges Park, in Qom, the eighth-largest settlement in Iran.

Qom, like the rest of the country, is subject to strict laws about what women are allowed to wear – and head coverings are compulsory in all public locations.

As Heat Street has reported, women who break the rules have been arrested – and even straight-up punched in the face – by state-sanctioned enforcers.

Nonetheless, women in Iran are resisting the rules, and a grassroots movement in the country has sprung up, dedicated to overturning the rules.

Part of the movement is the My Stealthy Freedom social media campaign, which shared the hijab footage over the weekend.

A message from the woman said:

This is me from Narges Park in the “Holy City of Qum”( also dubbed as Iran’s most religious city). I say #NoForcedHijab . In this city most women wear the black Chador like the one that you see me taking off…

The group – and others – have found only patchy support overseas.

Earlier this year, My Stealthy Freedom got into a public row with the self-proclaimed feminist government of Sweden.

Activists criticized female ministers for ducking the chance to protest when they visited Iran and meekly put on a hijab for photocalls.

They later admitted they were wrong, and apologized.