VIDEO: CNN ‘Orchestrates Muslims Against ISIS’ Protest in London Terror Aftermath

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:35 am, June 5, 2017
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A behind-the-scenes video has shown CNN staff orchestrating a Muslim protest group condemning ISIS in the aftermath of Saturday night’s terror attack in London.

Footage filmed close to London Bridge – where three knife-wielding terrorists killed seven people – captured CNN host Becky Anderson and her staff setting up a shot showing a small group of demonstrators.

The video was recorded by Mark Antro, a Londoner who stopped by the assembled media teams and recorded what went on before they started their broadcast:

It shows Anderson and other assembled camera crew members waving the group of around 15 people under a police cordon, and directing them to huddle together so they are all in shot at once.

Anderson then uses them to introduce her segment, describing the gathering as “wonderful” and “poignant” while reading out hashtags from their placards.

Viewers could be forgiven for not realizing the amount of effort which had just gone into recording the scene.

Antro uploaded the footage to Twitter, which he described as #FakeNews”.

He also accused CNN of constructing a “narrative”, promoting the assertion that terror attacks are an aberration which the majority of Muslims abhor and, by extension, have little to do with the faith itself.

As the footage began to spread across social media, CNN’s PR team denied that they had “staged” the event, describing the claims as “nonsense” and saying they “simply filmed” what was happening anyway.

Heat Street has contacted CNN to ask for a more detailed explanation of what its staff were doing in the clip when they were apparently directing the group. They have yet to respond.