VIDEO: Activist Screams at ‘Racist’ College Student for Wearing a Poncho on Cinco de Mayo

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By Kieran Corcoran | 4:57 am, May 11, 2017

An angry campus social justice warrior exploded at a fellow student who was wearing a poncho on Cinco de Mayo, then posted the video online.

Danique Montique, a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire, yelled at the student, who gave his name as Michael, for appropriating Mexican culture.

In the moments before the video Montique checked whether Michael had Mexican ancestry before sounding off at him on campus in Durham, NH.

Then, in footage shared on Facebook and viewed some 250,000 times, she is seen shouting that Cinco de Mayo is “not your holiday” and that “a poncho is, like, for Mexican people”.

Montique shouts the word “racist” at one point, but the context is unclear as it ¬†comes between the first and the second video of the exchange:

Michael attempted to fight his corner, but ended up walking away with his friends.

Montique, who does not claim to be Mexican either, then posted a long complaint directed to university authorities on her Facebook page.

She said Michael’s outfit was an example of how she and other non-white students are “forced to defend our existence every day on this campus”. She said the video proves that “our home is broken”.

Speaking to campus news network The Tab, Montique said she wants school officials to send an email around all its students condemning poncho-wearing, and complained that they have yet to do so, despite her emailing them a lot.