UPDATE: FBI Investigation: Trump Aide Carter Page Visited Russian Govt

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By Masha Froliak | 12:18 pm, August 3, 2016

Below, an extensive update on our exclusive report, the first in the USA, that Trump’s senior foreign policy advisor Carter Page met Russia’s Deputy PM in Moscow in July.


Carter Page, a then foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump, spent several days in Russia shortly before the release by Wikileaks of hacked Democratic National Committee emails. Page met with Russia’s deputy Prime Minister – and possibly another Russian official whom Donald Trump has praised openly on Twitter since 2013.

Trump’s ties to Russia are said to date back to 2013 – when ‘Miss Universe’ was held in Moscow.

Before the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, Donald Trump took a standard, patriotic American line of opposing Russia.

But after Miss Universe, his tweets from 9th and 10th November 2013 speak of Russia’s “great economic success” and how he would “bring back some leaders”:

It seems plain that Donald Trump was freshly impressed by Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, Russian news sources report that the FBI are looking at Trump advisor Paul Manafort’s colleague, a former Russian Intelligence agent, the GRU’s Constantine Kilimnick. Further, they point out that Trump ally General Mike Flynn may be under investigation:


The focus of public opinion, in particular, was a retired general and former head of the Pentagon’s Intelligence Michael Flynn, who is now better known as an analyst of the Russian state propaganda channel RT. For the celebration on the 10th anniversary of RT in December 2015 Flynn shared a table with Vladimir Putin himself, and addressed the audience with a speech. It is said this man “has a strange attachment to Russia”

Original Story Continues Below:

Officially, Carter Page was in Russia to give a lecture at the New Economy School. But Trump’s supporters will be stunned to learn that in the midst of the presidential campaign, his foreign policy adviser Page appeared in Moscow slamming the USA in front of a bunch of Russians. Carter Page even said America was a hypocrite to focus on democracy.

Addressing hundreds of new graduates, Page spoke about world economics and “how to increase potential in unstable times.” In his speech, given just last month on July 7th, Donald Trump’s advisor man criticized American foreign policy for using cold war stereotypes and “often-hypocritical focus on democratization.” But it wasn’t all doom and gloom– if Trump’s foreign policy chief was against American policy, he loved Putin. Mr. Page publicly complimented Russia, currently aiding Assad in Syria against American-backed rebels, for “really moving ahead.”

This is not the first time that Carter Page has spent time in Russia– nor the first time he’s slammed the U.S.A.  In his 2015 publication at Global Policy, Page was more “Make Putin Great Again” as he said the U.S.’s approach to Russia was based on “biased philosophies” and “draconian tactics,” offensively comparing it to that of a slaveholder to a slave. Page also opposed the Obama’s administration involvement in ousting Putin’s puppet Viktor Yanukovitch during the “Maidan Revolution” in Ukraine.

Carter Page has been promoting “closer relations” with Russia that directly benefit himself. Page has built close ties with the Kremlin, and has “real world experience” of working for Russian state-controlled energy company Gazprom. He spent three years in Moscow pitching Gazprom’s largest deals, such as buying a stake at Sakhalin Oil and gas field in the Sea of Okhotsk. According to Bloomberg, Page has established close connections with the leadership. Before moving to NY – and falling in with Trump– his going-away party in Moscow gathered many Kremlin officials.

Page has personally invested in Gazprom and remained a shareholder when he joined Trump’s campaign as a foreign policy adviser.

His own company, Global Energy Capital, continues to work with Russian investments. He even brought in his former Gazprom CFO, Sergey Yatsenko, as official adviser. However, Page complained that the company suffered from American sanctions against Russia imposed over its annexation of Crimea. No wonder Donald Trump is acting like a Russian puppet.

After his lecture, many journalists questioned Page over whether Donald Trump would lift the sanctions if elected President, but Page refused to answer– claiming he came to Russia as a “private person.”

But when asked by one of the journalists whether he was planning to see any “private persons” in the Kremlin, Donald Trump’s adviser said “no comment.”

However, it is known that Trump’s official met with the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Arkady Dvorkovich. Many Russian media sources speculated that other meetings must have taken place behind the closed doors.

It is for Donald Trump to answer about meetings with Russia’s government–and why his close adviser was slamming America and democracy, while praising Putin, in Russia last month, before the Russian-sponsored hack of the DNC files to hurt Hillary Clinton.