University Feminists Demand Ban for Pro-Life Society Before It Even Starts

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By Benedict Spence | 3:45 am, November 16, 2016

Feminists are calling for a pro-life university society to be banned before it has even had the chance to do anything.

Campaigners from the University of Liverpool have demanded that the new organisation must be shut down because it is “misogynistic” and a “danger” to women.

The UoL Pro-Life Society was ratified as an official student organisation by students’ union last month.

But the group, which has yet to hold any meetings, is already the subject of a petition which claims the union has a “moral obligation” to shut the group down.

Opponents of the ban have said free speech rules mean the society must be allowed to operate even if people disagree with it.

The petition has 200 signatures, and has enough support that student officials will be obliged to consider acting on it.

It was started by Katriana Ciccotto, a member of Liverpool’s feminist society, who said she is “hopeful” she will get the group banned.

She told Heat Street: “So many told me I was overreacting and that I should just leave them be but I couldn’t morally do that”.

The Feminist Society has not gone as far as calling for a ban, but in a statement to The Liverpool Tab said: “We believe this society could be a potential danger to those capable of pregnancy and their rights on campus.”

A statement from Liverpool’s students’ union said: “We recognise that our students will not always agree with every society. As with all Guild societies, this new group will have to follow our code of conduct.”

“We met with them to ensure they understood the Guild’s commitment to ensuring that students are only signposted to non-judgemental, non-directional, confidential advice and support services.”