UK Parliament Wants to Use Attack Dogs to Protect it from Terrorists

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By Heat Street Staff | 5:49 am, May 8, 2017
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The British parliament is set to use attack dogs in a bid to deter rogue elements from entering any of its property to launch a terror assault.

The move follows the Westminster terror attack in March, in which British-born Muslim convert Khalid Masood drove a car at high speed over Westminster Bridge killing and injuring more than 50 pedestrians, four of them fatally.

Masood then abandoned his vehicle and stabbed to death PC Keith Palmer, an unarmed police officer on duty at the gates of the parliamentary estate.

Masood was immediately shot dead. The entire incident is thought to have lasted 82 seconds.

A security review set up in light of the attack has advised dogs should be stationed with their handlers at the site where PC Palmer was murdered, one of the weakest points of the perimeter of the parliamentary estate.

Sir Paul Beresford, the former chairman of the House of Commons administration committee, said dogs were being “seriously considered” as part of the review.

Sir Paul said over the weekend that a dog could stop a terrorist without killing protesters. He told the London Sunday Times: “If we’d had a dog there PC Palmer might have been saved.”

US citizen Kurt Cochran was among those who died in the atrocity.