UK Election: Theresa May Fends Off Armor-Clad ‘Lord Buckethead’ and a Guy Dressed Like Elmo

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By Kieran Corcoran | 7:17 am, June 9, 2017
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British Prime Minister Theresa May was re-elected to her seat in Parliament last night but had to fend off bizarre challenges from a man calling himself “Lord Buckethead” and another who was dressed as Elmo.

May comfortably won the election in her constituency of Maidenhead, southeast England, against the usual mainstream opposition parties – and a motley assortment of other challengers.

However, across the UK May’s Conservatives performed badly and lost their parliamentary majority. Her days as Prime Minister may now be numbered.

The homely way in which British parliamentary elections are conducted means that almost anybody can put themselves forward as a candidate, and appear at the official public count.

As such, pranksters and single-issue campaigners often mount hopeless challenges against the sitting Prime Minister because they know it will get them on TV – and the oddballs of Maidenhead certainly delivered.

Lord Buckethead gained a temporary fandom of thousands on social media for his towering black helmet and low-rent knightly costume.

He took his chance to speak with reporters before the count, and appeared to be affecting a comedy British aristocrat voice to complete the act:

Lord Buckethead (who isn’t a real lord, which is an official title in the UK) was joined by a man dressed as Elmo.

Bobby Smith, a father’s rights campaigner, dressed up as the Sesame Street favorite to boost his campaign to reform how British courts deal with family problems, which he says are biased against dads. He did the same against the last Prime Minister, David Cameron.

They were both joined by another fake lord – Howling “Laud” Hope – who represents the joke Monster Raving Loony Party, who stand outlandishly-dressed candidates in a few seats every election.

Buckethead got 249 votes, Smith got 3, Hope got 119 – while May triumphed with 37,718.

Elsehwere in the UK, Tim Farron of the fringe Liberal Democrat Party was opposed by a man dressed as a fish stick: