UK Election: Britain in Chaos, No Party Wins as Theresa May’s Gamble Backfires

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By Kieran Corcoran | 4:45 am, June 9, 2017
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British politics has been thrown into chaos by a shock election result which has seen none of the country’s political parties able to take power on their own terms.

The Conservatives, who held power before the election, remain the largest party in the British Parliament, but have too few MPs to form a Government by themselves.

Prime Minister Theresa May called the election in April in a dramatic gamble, hoping to capitalise on soaring personal opinion polls to strengthen her ability to govern.

But her campaign, widely acknowledged as a disaster, saw her rejected, and her party lost a significant number of seats.

Meanwhile maverick Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a socialist who has been dogged by scandal (not least persistent accusations that he is sympathetic to terrorists), managed to win about 30 new seats for his party, strengthening his grip on his party leadership.

Despite having increased his standing in Parliament, Corbyn’s Labour still has far too few MPs to seize power on its own terms.

There is no obvious precedent for what happens next, and speculation is rife.

May could try to rule with a reduced majority or, by going into coalition with a smaller party, the Democratic Unionist Party, which represents seats in Northern Ireland, she could get her just enough seats to command a parliamentary majority.

However, May could find it impossible to continue as Prime Minister. If no convincing deal can be struck, Britain could have another election within a few months.

The closest parallel situation was in 1974, when two general elections were held in the space of eight months and the Conservatives lost power.