UK Branch of Simon & Schuster Won’t Publish Milo Yiannopoulos Book

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By Kieran Corcoran | 7:08 am, January 4, 2017

The British branch of Simon and Schuster will not publish Dangerous, the upcoming book by provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

The imprint’s said on Tuesday that it has “no plans” to release the book, which briefly became the best-selling title on after it was announced last week.

Some hailed the publisher’s decision not to follow its US counterpart as a political statement, though the publisher did not give a reason for the decision, first reported in trade publication The Bookseller.

Dangerous caused a firestorm of criticism as soon as the $250,000 deal was announced, with hundreds threatening to boycott Simon & Schuster as a result.

Celebrities including Judd Apatow and Sarah Silverman joined the condemnation, alongside Yiannopoulos’s erstwhile adversary Leslie Jones.


Simon & Schuster UK has previously reprinted books in Britain from the conservative Threshold Editions imprint, which is behind Dangerous.

For example,  Donald Trump’s book Great Again appears in the UK under the Simon & Schuster name.

The publishing house could not immediately able to respond to Heat Street‘s requests for comment.

The book will still be available in the UK directly from Threshold Editions, and at the time of writing is the top title in the “ethical issues” and “political humour” categories.

The Yiannopoulos brand of political mischief has never been as warmly received in his native Britain as in the United States.

However, he became front-page news last month when Government counter-extremism officials shut down a talk he was due to give at his old school in Kent.