U.N. Says Junk Food Is A ‘Human Rights Issue’. Let’s Junk Them Instead

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By Louise Mensch | 11:25 am, October 26, 2016

The United Nations wants you to know it’s taking a firm stance on the crucial human rights issues of our day.

What – they’ve chucked Saudi Arabia off their human rights commission?

They plan to send peacekeepers to save the Syrians from Assad?

They will stop ISIS destroying the middle east?

No – none of the above. What the UN wants you to know about is the evil of Mickey D’s and other fast foods. Fat fries matter, apparently.

For the UN, junk food is a “human rights” issue.

Never mind that, all over the world, children are starving. Never mind about illegal immigrants shipping babies in leaks rafts to get to the EU. Never mind about the Zika virus and a possible global pandemic. What really counts is cheeseburgers or a nice family bucket of KFC.

You see – newsflash – these foods are not as healthy and delicious as quinoa and roast pheasant, and therefore, assuming that the parents are rich enough to buy junk food, it is a human rights issue for diplomats if they choose to feed their kids unwisely. Meanwhile, in Iran, people are hanged for bring gay.

Can we wind up the UN, whose blue-helmet soldiers are gang raping black children in Africa? Can we stop subsidizing them with our tax dollars? What have they done that is useful and good? How many times has ‘diplomacy’ stopped concerted action against evil, for example because Russia has a veto?

All they do is spout garbage, steal New York parking spaces, enslave maids in basements, and normalize the slavery of women and the rape of children under the foul banners of “cultural differences”.

I would call the United Nations a chocolate teapot, but that’s not fair. They are far less useful than a chocolate teapot. You can, after all, eat it. And if you did, it really would not be a human rights violation.