Twerking Teen Girl Causes Major Road Accident

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By Heat Street Staff | 7:32 am, April 21, 2017

Call it fast and twerkous!

A silly teenager wreaked havoc on a roadside in Ukraine when her saucy dance routine caused a head on collision between a biker and a car.

Video footage shows a young brunette, in her teens, vigorously gyrating her bottom on the side of the road as her friend films and cars zoom past.

The two teenagers are cackling away when a motorbike can be heard whining in the background. As the rider appears in view, our amateur twerk-girl turns around, cheers him and waves at him.

Distracted, the poor guy takes his eyes off the road for and rams into a nearby BMW, sending his motorbike somersaulting through the air.

In shock, one of the teenagers shouts at her friend in Ukrainian to call an ambulance.

The rider’s motionless body can be seen lying on the ground, his glove by his head.

Miraculously, he managed to survive the accident with a fracture of the pelvis and leg.

Some commenters on Youtube pointed out that the accident could have been the car driver’s fault, and not the girl’s, because he failed to yield to oncoming traffic and turned instead into the bike’s path.

“Da fuck? The bike is coming down the road and the guy in the car turns right in front of it because he wasn’t paying attention like a idiot.” wrote one viewer.

Another one praised the girls for at least ” covering the cameras” and “helping the dude out”.

“Most people would be filming that shit to put it on Instagram” he added.