Trump University Case: Donald Trump Lawyers Want His Election Statements Banned

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By Louise Mensch | 1:34 pm, October 21, 2016
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Trump’s lawyers reportedly want to ban accusations about his ‘personal conduct’ from the Trump University case.

No word on whether they are also trying exclude accusations that The Donald has made against himself  – that he kisses women without warning, that he’s dodged his taxes, that he’s constantly under audit, and so forth.

Trump has stated many things about his businesses and foundation that don’t hold up. He may find that these – and his racist comments about Judge Curiel’s ‘Mexican heritage’ – come back to bite him as the fraud case moves to trial.

Nov. 28th marks the date of the trial – and a hideous reminder to many in America that whatever happens on Election Day, Donald J. Trump is set to be part of our news cycles for many, many months to come.