Tourists Visiting France Will Be Under Armed Guard

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By Miles Goslett | 5:54 am, July 28, 2016
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Tourists visiting France throughout the rest of this summer will be protected by armed soldiers and police as fears spread that holidaymakers will be the next targets of Islamist terrorists.

Holiday camps, festivals, fairs, stations, airports and major tourist attractions will be subject to the heightened security measures after intelligence agencies indicated they believe foreign visitors in particular could be in danger.

And yesterday the council in Cannes banned backpacks and other large non-transparent containers from its beaches in an attempt to lower the likelihood of a bomb attack there.

The moves come after the Bastille Day attack in Nice in which 84 people were murdered after being mowed down by a truck.

On Tuesday 85-year-old Catholic priest Fr Jacques Hamel had his throat slit by two Islamic teenagers as he celebrated Mass at a church near Rouen, northern France.

According to regional newspaper La Provence, police chiefs in the popular southern region have claimed they believe the area could be singled out. They have demanded extra troops to deal with the threat.

In 2015, 38 tourists – 30 of whom were British – were shot dead on a beach in Sousse, Tunisia by 23-year-old Muslim Seifiddine Rezgui Yacoubi.