Asylum Seeker in Austria Jailed After Admitting to 20 Murders in Syria

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By Heat Street Staff | 5:51 am, May 15, 2017

A refugee who claimed asylum in Europe has been jailed after boasting about killing 20 captive soldiers in an ISIS-style execution back in Syria.

The man, who has not been named, was given a life sentence by courts in Austria after openly admitting the killings.

He came to Europe among huge numbers of immigrants claiming to be fleeing the violence in Syria – despite having been part of it himself.

At his trial in the city of Innsbruck, the court heard that he shot dead 20 unarmed of injured troops who were loyal to Syria’s Assad regime, thereby committing a war crime.

The killings took place in 2013-14 around the city of Homs.

He is believed to have carried out the attack as part of the Farouq Brigade, an Islamist faction of the loose rebel group known as the Free Syrian Army.

(Members of an affiliated Islamist group are pictured above near Homs)

Though they are not affiliated with ISIS, this execution mirrors the terror groups methods across parts of the Middle East under their control.

According to the AFP news agency,  the man was arrested at a refugee shelter in the Tyrol region after another refugee told the authorities about his militant past.

The man’s lawyers claimed in court that his apparent confession, given in Arabic to an interpreter, was in fact a mistranslation.

However, when the interpreter gave evidence in court, he said the claim had been repeated to him twice, unambiguously.

The man was found guilty on 20 counts of “murder as a terror offence” and handed a life sentence.