Swedish Murder Suspect Freed from Prison After ‘Serial’-Style Podcast Uncovers New Evidence

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By Kieran Corcoran | 7:37 am, June 20, 2017
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A Swedish man who was wrongly convicted of murder in 2004 has been freed from prison on the strength of new evidence brought forward by a Serial-style podcast.

Kaj Linna spent 13 years in prison for the murder of a Swedish farmer which he did not commit.

Linna was jailed for the murder of Robert Lindberg, despite there being no hard evidence linking him to the crime.

The case inspired two Swedish reporters to set up the podcast Spar, consciously following the example of Serial, which took the US by storm in 2014.

However, unlike SerialSpar managed to come up with new evidence which directly overturned a conviction.

Anton Berg and Martin Johnson recorded a key prosecution witness contradicting himself during an interview, which demolished his credibility and led to Linna being freed.

According to the BBC, the pair interviewed the anonymous witness on whose testimony the conviction hung – only for him to disclose new details about events leading up to the murder.

The Times reported that one of the salient details was the man admitting that he had been buying drugs on the day of the crime, which he had not said in court.

When officials at Sweden’s Supreme Court heard the tape, they called a retrial, in which the audio evidence was played.

As a result, Linna was freed, and the true identity of the murderer is once more an open question.

Serial has also had real-life implications for the convict at the center of its first season, Adnan Syed.

In the wake of a public outcry caused by the podcast’s airing of his case, Syed was granted an appeal, which he won.

The original murder conviction no longer stands. But he must still be re-tried over the murder, and remains in prison until the process begins.