Screaming, Cursing Oxford Students Try to Shut Down Corey Lewandowski Speech

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By Margaret Crick | 4:58 am, November 17, 2016

Snowflake students who couldn’t handle hearing from Trump surrogate Corey Lewandowski got kicked out of a raucous campus speech he gave last night.

The former Trump campaign manager addressed the prestigious Oxford Union debating society – where members of the audience got up, waved signs and shouted in a bid to stop him from speaking.

His speech, witnessed by Heat Street, continued after several audience members were escorted from the building by security, where they could join protesters chanting “Fuck you, Corey. Fuck Donald Trump”.

The audience largely threw their chance to ask about Lewandowski’s role in the successful Trump campaign, instead pelting him with loaded questions aimed at making him “admit” that the President-elect is a racist.

Lewandowski spoke about how FBI Director James Comey changed the dynamic of the campaign by releasing a statement that launched Hillary Clinton’s email scandal back to the top of the news agenda.

He said: “With eleven days to go… something amazing happened. The FBI Director James Comey came out on Friday and said that they may be reopening the investigation into crooked Hilary’s emails. ..

“And what that did was remind people that there are two different rules in Washington: those of the elite and the privileged and those for everybody else…  it gave the campaign a spring in its step, to redouble its efforts ….”

The former CNN commentator, who’s rumoured to be in line either for jobs in the Trump White House, or even at the RNC, also spoke of how Trump’s Twitter account had been crucial to his success.

He said: “The power of Twitter to our campaign can’t be overstated.”

He claimed Trump had revolutionised the way people campaign, and having 25 million followers was “amazingly important”.

He compared Mr Trump to the winning racehorse American Pharoah: “My job was not to put a bridle on… but to let [him] run… ‘Let Trump be Trump’ was my slogan.”

Lewandowski spoke of Trump’s dedication on the campaign trail, saying he hardly ever saw Trump sleep, nor would he waste time sitting down to meals, preferring fast food on his plane.

Trump was a self-funded candidate who didn’t have to beg anyone for money, was unafraid to “blast” the Pope for hypocrisy, and never lied on the campaign, Lewandowski said.

Lewandowski faced hostile and loaded questions from the floor, most accusing the Trump campaign of having a racist agenda.

There was incredulity when he claimed not to have seen any compelling data about the existence of global warming other than that put out by “left-wing institutions”.

He said the most important issue for the administration was “making sure we don’t have a nuclear holocaust” because terrorists in the Middle East had got hold of weapons-grade plutonium.

“If climate change occurs,” he said, “we’ll deal with that.”

He staunchly defended his candidate, who he called a “blue collar billionaire”.

To laughter, he told them “Donald Trump has the ability to feel the same frustration as a blue collar worker – that’s what drove him to run.”

He claimed: “What the media missed, I saw. The American people were angry.”

He said Americans found hope in electing Trump, pointed out that many supporters were Latinos and African Americans, and he believed that gun laws were ineffective.

Asked what his line in the sand was – what it would take for him to resign – he replied that it would be “if my candidate was doing something illegal” though it was “difficult… to see all of their faults because you want to see the good.”

Claiming gamely it was a privilege to be speaking at the Oxford Union, and calling for unity in his country, the former CNN commentator blamed the “troublesome” media for its bias. “Democracy works” was his parting shot.