So-Called Anti-Fascists Have Proved They Are Worse Than the ‘Fascists’ They Oppose

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By Martin Daubney | 4:45 am, June 13, 2017

Are anti-fascists the new fascists?

Anti-Semitic attacks, book burnings and black-shirted mobs violently silencing dissent: is the liberal West regressing to the toxic mindset of 1930s Nazi Germany?

On both sides of the Atlantic, there’s an ugly mood in the air.

In the UK, we’re sitting under a hung Parliament, where liberal cartoonists “joke” that we should hang our Prime Minister, Theresa May.

The day of the UK election, Twitter was awash with liberals competitively setting fire to copies of the Daily Mail & The Sun, British newspapers which had the temerity to attack hard-left socialist Prime Ministerial candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

Some intimated that Hitler would have approved of such tactics.

In the run-up to the election, when highly-respected BBC journalist Emma Barnett stumped Jeremy Corbyn over the cost of his child care manifesto plans, she was subjected to vile anti-Semitic online abuse by Corbyn’s followers, who accused her of being “a Zionist shill”.

For this Corbyn was forced to apologize, although he’d previously refused to eject proven, disgraced anti-Semite Ken Livingstone from his Labour Party.

Fascistic segregation is also making something of a comeback on the Left’s watch.

Gender segregated workplaces, university diversity officers banning men from “safe spaces” (then posting #KillAllWhiteMen on Twitter) and women- and blacks-only movie screenings are not being condemned by the Left, but celebrated as progressive.

But banning white guys from movie theaters is the least of America’s problems.

There, anti-fascists set fire to universities and violently assault people (including women) whose views they don’t like.

Tolerant Bernie Sanders was forced to apologize – “violence is absolutely and totally unacceptable” – after Bernie Bros showed their unbrotherly side when riots broke out at a Trump rally in San Jose.

It made no difference. The liberal tendency to back the wrong horse, then riot when it loses, prevails.

The American left made Trump’s victorious presidential election the ugliest in history, culminating in nationwide rioting that saw troops deployed as cars burned when Hillary lost.

In France, anti-fascists rioted with police and looted businesses when Marine Le Pen scored well in early Presidential rounds.

In stark contrast, when Macron was elected, there were no riots as defeated right-wing voters simply got on with their lives.

This weekend in a series of US-wide protests against Sharia law, there was widespread trouble against “Islamophobes” instigated by anti-fascists.

Against a familiar backdrop of chanting, “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA!” fanatics “dressed in black masks and hoods” beat protesters and threw urine in the face of conservative firebrand Lauren Southern, who momentarily feared she’d suffered an acid attack.

What seems completely lost on intersectional “anti-fascists” is that strict interpretations of Sharia – which mandates persecuting homosexuals and enslaving women – is the closest thing the modern world has to fascism.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at this willful myopia. In 2015, Stop The War, a hard-left pressure group formerly led by Jeremy Corbyn, compared jihadis to the anti-fascists who went to Spain in the 1930s to fight General Franco.

Then came the beheadings, rape, torture, enslavement and cultural desecration, proving what any rational human knew all along: the jihadis weren’t the anti-fascists. They were the fascists.

Some provocatively argue that hard-right Adolf Hitler was a socialist, pointing to the name of his party, the National Socialists. Others claim Hitler was the ultimate bigot who simply co-opted the language of socialism because it was useful.

Here, history rings true. Today’s violent anti-fascists might tell themselves they are fighting the good fight. But in waging a bruising war of fear and brutality, it is they who are the true fascists.