Angry Historian Triggered by ‘Imperialist’ Lamb Pie, Lashes Out at Supermarket

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By Kieran Corcoran | 11:59 am, September 13, 2016

An social justice warror historian created an outraged Twitterstorm after being triggered by an allegedly imperialist pie.

Louise Raw, a trade union expert and columnist for the communist Morning Star newspaper, flew into a fury when she found an “Empire Pie” ready meal in the aisles of a Marks and Spencer supermarket.

Raw posted a picture of the pie on her account, alongside a message accusing M&S of tacitly endorsing mass murder:

An empire pie is a well-established, Indian-themed variant of shepherd’s pie, which includes spices and mango chutney instead of gravy.

The dish has been on sale for almost a year, but only attracted comment today after being discovered in the aisles by Raw. It is pictured here in action:


After the initial discovery, several of Raw’s friends were quick to join the chorus of condemnation:

Including one who was upset that a lamb pie contains meat:

Critics online hastened to identify other potentially imperialist foodstuffs Raw and her associates would do well to avoid:

But Raw and others stuck to their guns, even in the face of widespread mockery:

Heat Street also notes that empire pies are also available for purchase in the rather more downmarket Iceland – but for some reason have yet to be discovered there by left-leaning columnists.

A Marks and Spencer spokesman told Heat Street: “Our Gastropub Empire Pie is based on an old, traditional and delicious recipe – it’s basically a curried shepherd’s pie! We launched it last October and our customers love it.”

Featured image via jeffreyw/Flickr