Shock Polls Show Donald Trump Losing North Carolina And Alaska

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By Louise Mensch | 2:40 pm, October 30, 2016
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Two shocking new polls reveal the weakness of Donald Trump’s campaign in normally conservative states.

Alaska, Russia’s neighbor, is very skeptical of mass-murderer Vladimir Putin and it seems that Trump’s kowtowing to Russia has not gone down well in the largest state in the Union.

A shocking new poll shows that Clinton has a sizable 4-point lead in the pro-American, anti-Russian Alaska:

The news of the poll was greeted with shock among political commentators:

Native Alaskans are voting Hillary by a huge margin.

The poll is not, however, out of line with recent polls in the state showing it tied:

Another bad poll for Trump came in North Carolina, where Clinton had a whopping six point lead:

‘There is no path for Trump without North Carolina or PA’,¬†wrote polling analyst Josh Jordan.

With confusion over whether or not emails that could be relevant to Clinton’s FBI case exist or not – some reports state there is no warrant to examine them – this ought to have been a stellar weekend for Trump in polling. Fivethirtyeight, the gold standard, however, merely raised his overall chances to a minute 21%, making Clinton five times more likely to be the next President.

The best chance of stopping both Clinton and Trump rests with Evan McMullin, the independent candidate likely to win Utah. Trump panicked about the ex-CIA field operative and Mormon missionary on air over the weekend, raising his profile nationally.