France’s Worst Serial Killer, ‘The Man From Nowhere’, On Trial For Killing Two Boys Age 8

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:51 am, April 26, 2017
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France’s most prolific serial killer has gone on trial for murdering two eight-year-old boys.

Francis Heaulme, 58, (pictured in 1993) is suspected of committing up to 50 murders. Known as the ‘Man from Nowhere’ because he hardly ever left any forensic evidence and often worked out clever alibis to protect himself from justice, he has gone on trial for killing Cyril Beining and Alexandre Beckrich, who died in September 1986.

Their bodies were found with their skulls shattered lying beside a disused railway station in Montigny-les-Metz, just south of Metz, eastern France, more than three decades ago.

Heaulme, currently serving life in a high-security prison for murdering nine adults and children, appeared in the dock this week at the Moselle Assizes in Metz.

Two other suspects have previously been tried and cleared of the double-murder, leaving Heaulme the current prime suspect.

No DNA was found at the scene that could incriminate Heaulme, but he was allegedly close to the murder site at the time of the murders.

Prosecutors believe he attacked the children because they threw stones at him – an allegation the criminal denies.

Liliane Glock, Heaulme’s defense barrister, said: ‘Francis Heaulme’s personality and career have thrown dust into the eyes of many. His name did not appear on this file until 1997. People have been trying to prove his guilt for twenty years. It’s good that it’s not that simple.’

In January 1992, Heaulme was arrested for the murder of nurse Aline Peres. He was later convicted of other murders including that of an eight-year-old boy and also a girl, 14, who was raped.

Heaulme’s crimes invariably had a sexual motive and all involved brutal violence – one victim was stabbed 84 times.

The latest trial is scheduled to last until May 18.