Christies Auction The Personal Belongings Of Margaret Thatcher

Second Sale Of Margaret Thatcher’s Possessions Planned

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By Miles Goslett | 3:14 am, May 20, 2016

Margaret Thatcher’s daughter is poised to hold a second sale of her late mother’s possessions, Heat Street has been told.

An auction of 418 of the former prime minister’s handbags, clothes, and political and personal papers was held at Christie’s in London last December.

It raised £4.5 million ($6.6 million) – about 10 times more than expected – having sparked interest from dozens of international buyers.

Carol Thatcher is now understood to have a second tranche of property which she is keen to sell.

An acquaintance said: “Carol lives in Switzerland in a modestly sized flat and does not have the room for all of this stuff. As you can imagine, there is a lot of it and I have always been under the impression that she would sell it. Her place in Klosters cannot store it all. Her partner, Marco, told me about this. It’s a dilemma.”

The original sale deepened a rift between Carol and her twin brother, Sir Mark. They are said to have broken off contact as a result of it.

Sir Mark was said to be angry that his sister was selling off the memorabilia. He also inherited many of his mother’s possessions but has kept them.

The most expensive lot sold last December was a model of an American bald eagle given to Mrs Thatcher by Ronald Reagan in 1984. Its estimate was £5,000 to £8,000 but it fetched £266,500 ($389,000).

Christies Auction The Personal Belongings Of Margaret Thatcher
A Kaiser Biscuit Model of an American Bald Eagle given to Margaret Thatcher by Ronald Reagan


A single-row cultured pearl necklace with an estimate of £500 – £800 sold for £62,500 ($94,000).

And the politician’s wedding dress sold for £25,000 ($36,500).

Baroness Thatcher died in 2013 aged 87 after suffering a stroke.

A spokesman for Christie’s said it had no knowledge of the sale.

When Heat Street was in touch with Carol Thatcher this week to discuss Brexit, she would only comment: “I left the UK for good in 2010.”

Ms Thatcher did not respond to questions about the potential second sale.