Satirist Claims He Tricked Guardian Into Running Fake ‘Alt-Right Confessional’

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By Kieran Corcoran | 4:30 am, December 1, 2016

An alt-right troll account claims he tricked the Guardian into running a spoof confessional story about being seduced by the group’s political ideology.

Godfrey Elfwick, who calls himself as “genderqueer Muslim atheist” and insists on the pronoun Xir, said he hoodwinked editors with a widely-shared piece from their Comment Is Free opinion section.

The article – ‘Alt-right’ online poison nearly turned me into a racist – allegedly details the author’s transformation from a “lifelong progressive” into a racist, helped along by internet personalities like Sam Harris and Milo Yiannopoulos.

The story is bylined “anonymous” and reads rather like a parody, with dramatic lines like “the indoctrination was complete”.

Elfwick laid claim to the piece around 24 hours after it was published, by which time it had been shared approvingly by tends of thousands of Guardian fans, including Glenn Greenwald:

In support of his claims, he shared an image of a file on his computer with the same headline, but dated weeks before the Guardian story.

While the “proof” is hardly definitive, the newspaper has refused to verify the author’s identity or deny that it was him.

In a statement provided to Heat Street, a spokesman said: “We are confident of the identity of the author and the sourcing of the article in question” – pointedly not denying that it is Elfwick.

If the claim is legitimate, it would not be Elfwick’s first victory over credulous media.

In April last year Elfwick was allowed to appear on the BBC World Service, where he took on the guise of a clueless culture critic who had never seen Star Wars but nonetheless advanced the argument that it is unforgivably racist.