Principal Fired, Charged With Assault for Picking Up Naughty Girl Who Refused to Leave Classroom

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By Kieran Corcoran | 6:59 am, May 17, 2017
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A school principal was fired from his job, put on trial for assault and forced through a three-year battle to clear his name simply for disciplining an unruly child.

David Dee, who ran Cedar Parks Primary School in Stowmarket, England, lost his job after physically removing the misbehaving girl from class.

Dee lifted the girl out of her seat and put her down outside the classroom after she refused to go voluntarily.

His intervention landed him in front of a court, charged with common assault, according to theĀ Daily Mail.

Although he was swiftly cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, officials in the local school system still decided to kick him out of his job, citing “gross misconduct”.

In response, Dee launched a legal claim against Suffolk County Council, claiming he had been wrongly dismissed.

He won his case this week, and may be able to sue the school system for kicking him out before assessing the facts.

Dee was reportedly accused of being too rough with the child and carrying her under his arm like a football – but the courts ultimately decided he acted appropriately.

His lawyers complained that Dee was not allowed to give his own account of what happened, and that the school disciplinary panel was biased against him.

He declined to comment personally, but a former colleague told theĀ Mail that he was “hung out to dry by the school over a single incident” and deserves to be cleared.