Police Accuse Rats of Drinking 900,000 Liters of Confiscated Alcohol

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By Heat Street Staff | 7:11 am, May 8, 2017
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Rats are responsible for drinking 900,000 liters of booze confiscated by police in a part of India where alcohol is illegal, it’s been claimed.

Officers in the city of Patna, in the state of Bihar, say the rodents have chewed off the tops of the seized bottles and consumed the contents.

The alcohol was being stored and guarded by police having been confiscated over the last 13 months but has vanished.

Despite the police maintaining the city’s rats drank their way through the vast supply, Manu Maharaaj, a senior police superintendent, has ordered an inquiry. He reportedly suspects it was drunk or sold off secretly by corrupt policemen.

Officers guarding all contraband will now be breathalysed. If they are found to have been drinking, they have been warned they face prosecution and dismissal.

Nitish Kumar, chief minister of the state, outlawed alcohol from Bihar in April 2016 as part an election campaign promise to “cleanse” society.

The ban was also introduced in response to demands by women in the area who linked alcohol consumption by men to domestic violence and rape.