Paramedic Fired for Drawing Hitler Moustache on Comatose Immigrant

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By Heat Street Staff | 7:17 am, April 27, 2017

A German paramedic has been fired for drawing a Hitler moustache on an immigrant patient being taken to hospital after a suspected overdose.

The tasteless prank (pictured) was revealed after medical man Thomas Wagner posted a video and photos in a WhatsApp group chat he set up for the Johanitter care group in Frankfurt.

He sent colleagues a photo of the semi-comatose man with the fake moustache drawn on with a blue pen alongside the caption: ‘Victim#1 – today: trendy beards.’

One friend responded, saying: ‘the Yolocaust’, and another wrote: ‘Oh, how peaceful it slumbers.’

The incident took place at Christmas when the young patient – who has not been identified – had overdosed on drink and drugs.

Video footage reportedly shows him on a stretcher in an ambulance while Wagner asks him: ‘Are you coming into the hospital with us to get sober?’

The man replies: ‘Yes.’

The ambulance crew laugh and one says: ‘You’re supposed to lie on the stretcher, not over it.’

Wagner soon appeared to realise he was wrong to have abused the patient in this way. He quickly told members of the WhatsApp group: ‘A few lines on the video I posted – it shows how not to do it. I pledge to do better.’

And the next day he asked fellow users to delete everything he had posted, adding: ‘I have to accept the consequences of my actions and will today hand in my notice.’

But when his employers heard of the outrage, they fired him before he had time to quit.

Johanniter care group chief Oliver Pitsch said: ‘We saw the photos and video and his employment was terminated immediately and instantly.’

Wagner now faces a criminal complaint by his employer over his actions.