Labour Plotters Spent Almost £1 Million Trying To Topple Corbyn

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By Miles Goslett | 6:59 am, October 6, 2016

Owen Smith spent almost £1 million trying – and failing – to wrestle the Labour leadership from Jeremy Corbyn, Heat Street can disclose.

New financial records released by parliament show the Pontypridd MP’s campaign attracted donations and sponsorship totalling £808,905 – believed to be one of the largest amounts ever raised by an MP standing for the leadership of any party.

Smith’s unsuccessful attempt encouraged donations from a wide range of individuals including ex-BBC chief Greg Dyke and former Home Secretary David Blunkett, each of whom gave him £2,000.

TV producer Charlie Parsons gave Smith £70,000, Lib Dem peer Lord Oakeshott gave him £10,000, and businessman Sir Victor Blank gave him £10,000.

Georgina Black gave him his biggest single donation from an individual – £100,000.
This impressive sum was matched by Hull-based company Allamhouse.

The GMB union gave Smith £50,000.

By comparsion, the victorious Corbyn raised the far smaller sum of £254,634 in donations, loans and support.

Almost all of his cash came from trades unions, including Unite and the Fire Brigades Union.

Corbyn secured 313,209 votes against Smith’s 193,229.