Overzealous Canadians Offer Trump Protesters a Way Out of America

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By Staff writers | 10:31 am, November 15, 2016

Canadians on social media are inviting four US states that voted for Hillary Clinton the opportunity to secede.

California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada all voted overwhelmingly to elect Ms Clinton as president.

Since pretty much the rest of the country overwhelmingly voted in Donald Trump there have been protests, including every night in Oregon, where one anti-Trump protester was shot.

However, The Independent reports that some generous Canadians are now offering these like-minded states an opportunity to ditch Mr Trump’s America and secede to the Justin Trudeau-led Canada.

Some Americans even started thinking of new names to call the newly created province.

“Washorefornia. Or Calorington. We’re fine with either. Just please take us. Pretty please?” Douglas Cole wrote.

No word from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on whether he is willing to throw open Canada’s doors for its southern neighbor.

This article was originally published on news.com.au