Off-Duty UK Medics Now Refuse Alcohol in Case of Terror Attacks

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By Heat Street Staff | 5:18 am, June 5, 2017
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A senior London medic has revealed that doctors in the British capital now routinely refuse to drink alcohol when off-duty in order to be prepared for a major terrorist incident.

Malik Ramadan, the consultant who was in charge of the emergency unit at the Royal London Hospital when victims of the London Bridge attack were brought in on Saturday night, said doctors now expect a terrorist atrocity to happen at any time.

He told the BBC this morning: “People at the moment are ready, the major trauma system in London has been preparing itself for some time yes, so doctors like myself who might have been going to Borough after a night in work [for a drink are not]”.

He added: “Part of the way we plan for these events is we don’t get told specifics, we get told something really bad has happened and we plan for something really bad. We clear beds and stock up on supplies. We call in on-call consultants and on-call teams and message people to see who can come in and help.”

He said Saturday night’s terror alert was appalling, explaining: “The people who had been stabbed were stabbed with a clear intent to kill and people who were hit with a van were badly injured”.

He described the state of shock some were in, saying: “London has a trauma system, we are used to receiving people who are badly injured, but to receive 12 people who were shocked and startled to the point they couldn’t speak…they were patient with us as we did things to them that were probably clearly painful, but there were people who were just sitting on trollies not speaking.”