Donations Pour in From Norwegians to Repair Iconic ‘Penis’ Rock Formation Damaged by Vandals

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 6:24 pm, June 25, 2017

Hikers are collecting money to repair a popular rock formation in Norway that’s shaped like a penis. The rock formation was cut off at the base and showed other heavy signs of damage by visitors, including evidence that it had been drilled into. The formation’s name, “Trollpikken,” roughly translates into “Troll Penis.”

According to Norway’s News in English, rock experts say the damage strongly suggests that vandals had deliberately vandalized the rock, as metal bolts and other evidence was found at the site. Police are currently looking for the those responsible. The culprits could face up to six years in prison for environmental vandalism if caught.

Kjeragbolten boulder

The area, Rogaland, is known for several popular rock formations, including the picturesque Kjeragbolten. “This is terribly sad, and I’m appalled that someone could do something like this,” said Kjetil Bentsen, who has been leading efforts to raise its profile.

Reaction to the vandalism prompted over 500 people to contribute donations to restore the popular tourist attraction. It had received over $10,600 by Sunday to go towards the cost of its “re-erection”. According to the Norwegian publication, a local geologist said that repairing the damaged rock would only raise its profile in the media, rather than diminish it.

A local building contractor from Bertelstein & Garpestad says it will be possible to rebuild the landmark and that it would be a “simple job” of fastening the fallen stone, which is now located at the foot of the hill, back into place by drilling bolts and injecting mortar to re-set it. The contractor said it would only take an hour to get the job done.

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