News Network Praises Fashion Sense of ‘Sharply-Dressed’ Ankara Assassin

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By Benedict Spence | 6:18 am, December 20, 2016

A national news network is under attack after complimenting the fashion sense of the man who assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey.

ABC News – the state broadcaster in Australia – advertised an explainer piece on Twitter by describing Mevlet Mert Aydintas as “the sharply-dressed Ankara shooter”.

It left the tweet live for several hours but later pulled it after criticism. Luckily, Heat Street kept a screenshot:

Aydintas reportedly used his police ID to get into ambassador Andrei Karlov’s speech at an art gallery and kill him. He was indeed wearing a black suit and tie at the time.

However, many questioned the judgement of a major outlet – funded by Australian tax dollars – which deemed his choice of tailor more significant than his decision to murder a government official at a public event.

Aydintas yelled “allahu Akbar” and urged his audience to “remember Aleppo” after he killed Karlov in apparent protest over Russia role supporting Syrian government forces in the country’s civil war.

Guests ducked for cover while Aydintas ranted, and were eventually evacuated. He was later killed in a shootout with police.