Mr. Putin, Prove You Respect President-Elect Trump – Return Edward Snowden To America

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By Louise Mensch | 2:02 pm, November 15, 2016

Vladimir Putin wants a good relationship with America and thinks under our President-Elect, he can get one.

This remains to be seen. America’s checks and balances system means that Putin will also have to convince a skeptical House and Senate.

And Russia has also tried to insult Donald Trump while they send him nice notes. Putin and Trump had a friendly phone call, but at the same time, Trump’s spokeswoman Hope Hicks was forced to issue a firm denial of, we assume, lies that Russia’s deputy foreign minister told about the campaign.

Ryabkov said officials in the Russian Foreign Ministry were familiar with many people in Trump’s entourage. “I cannot say that all, but a wide range of them were in touch with Russian representatives,” Ryabkov said.

The Trump spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said Thursday, “That is absolutely not true.”

Russia decided to attack Donald Trump in another way, too. Mr. Putin’s favored analyst came to New York to boast that Russia had used Wikileaks. This is Russia making Donald Trump look stupid, as in the third debate Trump denied Russia had done the Wikileaks hacking, and said ‘Our country [the USA] has no idea’. Now a man widely regarded as a Putin surrogate is openly saying Russia did indeed do it – that U.S. intelligence were right –  and that Donald Trump was wrong.

Is President -Elect Trump going to show weakness as Putin tries to make a fool of him? US media have said that Trump is Putin’s puppet – while Russian media are boasting that they interfered in our election.

Donald Trump’s campaign adamantly denies this. They believe that Americans voted Trump of their own accord  – not because Russia wanted them to. That Americans rejected political correctness and bullying like ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests that use real tragedies to attack innocent cops, or small businesses forced into using non-existent fake gender pronouns, or ‘sanctuary cities’ where lawlessness runs wild. Saying you have had enough of the radical left trying to force their morals on you in no way equates to support for Russia.

In fact, most Trump supporters do not like Russia. They believe in America First. And Donald Trump is an easy-going guy personally, but he is not somebody that will let a little man like Vladimir Putin try to burn him and make a fool of him.

If Putin wants a good relationship it isn’t for Donald Trump to bow to Russia – it’s for Russia to bow to Donald Trump.

Now it’s time for Mr. Putin to stop embarrassing Donald Trump and row in respectfully behind the more senior leader.

Putin gave America a laundry list of “demands” for restoring its plutonium deal. Donald Trump needs to crack the whip on Putin hard and let him know he doesn’t run Donald.

If Putin wants good relations with Donald Trump, he needs to show his deep respect for our new President-Elect. Principally, he needs to give Donald Trump a token of his respect that all of America can see – the return of Edward Snowden.

Mr. Trump has long been absolutely passionate about getting Snowden back. He’s called him a traitor, and said that the only reason Russia would not give Snowden asylum was because of Obama’s weakness.

Over and over, Donald Trump has demanded Snowden back. He’s said that Russia hanging on to Snowden weaken U.S. prestige. Ed Snowden is one of the topics that Donald Trump has actually tweeted most about. And he finally said that if he were President, Snowden would be returned “on the first jet – and with an apology!”

If Putin – instead of trying to embarrass President-Elect Donald Trump – sends Snowden back on the fastest jet, with that apology, maybe Russian-American relations can improve – and Congress will back Donald Trump on that.

If Mr. Putin refuses to send Snowden back on an early plane, with the humble apology Mr. Trump has promised America, it’ll be a sign he really doesn’t respect Trump – and is laughing at him. The same Russian Minister, Peskov, who tried to claim that Trump campaign people had been meeting regularly in Washington, previously insulted Trump over the issue.

And Donald Trump may wish to know that Russia is speaking kindly to his face but embarrassing him in their own country. Before the vote, Vladimir Putin put nude pictures of the future First Lady Melania Trump on Moscow TV , comparing Melania  to Bill Clinton’s mistresses on Putin’s own state-run TV channel. The broadcast insulted Mr. Trump as well as his wife, and used salacious language, music and images about the future first couple. Melania Trump and Monica Lewinsky were “too many p*ssies”, Russia’s state TV said.

The Washington Post reported:

As the vote approached, viewers on the state-run, 24-hour news channel were being treated to a segment headlined “Too many p‑‑‑ies.” As a raunchy slide guitar plays, pictures of Donald Trump flash across the screen accompanied by his various lewd comments, followed by nude pictures of his wife, Melania, followed by pictures of Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton and allegations of other sexual misconduct against him. It ends, predictably, with Trump’s voice repeating his extremely lewd comments about women. The guitar fades.

Maybe Vladimir Putin thinks that Donald Trump will take Russia’s disrespect just like Obama did. But Russia is ultimately a tiny economy broken by sanctions. For all the internet trolling and interference with the USA, Putin is running Russia into the ground. Forbes reports:

Russia’s economic power is shrinking, and with the world’s oil and gas glut, its chief export is starting lose market share in Europe. A new government report on Russia’s economic output next year shows tepid growth in 2017, and not much to write home about for the next two years either.

“We will continue to lose our share in the world economy and in fact be weaker,” says Kirill Tremasov, head of the Department of Macroeconomic Forecasting at the Ministry of Economic Development.

Donald Trump will want to show he can be strong with Russia to win America’s trust – and that he doesn’t let Putin laugh at his naked wife, on state TV, without consequences.

Forcing Putin to show respect by sending back Edward Snowden – with an apology – would be a very good start.