MP Who Suggested Migrant Dental Checks Receives Death Threats

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By Miles Goslett | 12:19 pm, October 24, 2016

The politician who suggested that migrants coming to the UK should have dental checks to prove their age has received a series of death threats.

Heat Street revealed a week ago that Conservative MP David T.C Davies had suggested x-rays be carried out to determine the age of refugees after scores of members of the public questioned why so many so-called ‘child’ migrants appeared to be the size and build of adult men.

Davies said the checks would be a practical solution to an issue which had unsettled many people.

However, he was slapped down by a cross-section of the media and political establishment for floating this idea – despite his pointing out that Labour politician Liam Byrne had advocated the same procedure almost a decade ago.

Among those who went for Davies was Labour MP Stella Creasey:

Today, Davies told Heat Street he has been so stunned by the seriousness of the threats made on his life that he has been forced to report them to the police as a precaution.

He said: “I don’t want to be precious about this but the threats were severe enough that I decided I must tell the police. It does make you think.”

He said he could not go into any detail about the threats.

However, in a sign that he refuses to be cowed, he added: “I stand by everything I’ve said on this matter.”

Davies, whose wife is Hungarian, also said he was about to table a new parliamentary question asking for a full breakdown of the age and gender of every refugee whom the Home Office claims is under the age of 18 who has entered Britain since September 1.

He said: “I am not anti-child migrant but it is important that the public has some reassurance on this issue.”