Millennial Site’s Advice on Being Called ‘Snowflake’: Call Accuser a Nazi

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By Kieran Corcoran | 7:30 am, May 2, 2017

A step-by-step guide for trembling millennials on how to deal with being called a “snowflake” has the perfect response – call your accuser a Nazi.

A smug post on youth media site Bustle recommends breaking out a holocaust reference to ward off the dreaded charge of being oversensitive.

Author Julie Sprankles cites a debunked theory that references to snowflakes are coded celebrations of Nazi death camps – and suggests it as a handy comeback for anyone on the receiving end of the word.

Her suggestion reads:

There’s a rumor going around that is persistent and horrific in equal measure which claims the term “snowflake” dates back to World War II Germany, where Nazi soldiers used it to refer to the remains of people incinerated in concentration camps.

Earlier this year, Snopes debunked this theory based on lack of concrete data. However, if there’s even a remote possibility this is true and someone still doesn’t find it to be a revolting slur, it says a lot about that person. It’s like a litmus test for human decency.

Despite literally admitting that the theory is made-up nonsense, Sprankles suggests using it anyway, and that it is a potential basis for accusing someone of using a “revolting slur”.

The suggestion is a neat illustration of Godwin’s Law – the theory that any online discussion, regardless of its actual content, will eventually become linked to Hitler.

Sprankles’ other six suggestions are the kind of asinine advice that wouldn’t get you out of an argument in the school playground.

The last one pretty much advises running away without responding – proof of snowflake-hood if ever any was needed.