Meninist Tampon Outrage Guy Ryan Williams Admits He’s a Massive Troll

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By Kieran Corcoran | 4:29 am, November 10, 2016

A ridiculous troll who gained momentary notoriety pretending to be a “meninist” with no idea how periods work has admitted he was making it all up.

Ryan Williams conned huge sections of the media by claiming that tampons are an indulgence which deserve to be taxed, and telling women to “control ur bladder” to stop menstrual bleeding.tampon-tweet

His comments were carried credulously by almost every outlet except Heat Street, which called bullshit on his claims and said he was whipping up feminist outrage on purpose to get rich.

Williams has now come clean to say it was all nonsense, and claims he was offered £2,000 for going along with the sham by reporters helping him “go viral”.

In an article for Babe, the women’s section of The Tab, Williams told interviewer Roisin Lanigan his earlier stance “was a hoax” – and tried to claim he was only trying to “raise awareness for feminism”.

At the peak of his viral fame, Heat Street speculated that Williams did not believe the absurd things he said about women’s health – including an apparent inability to understand how periods work, which brought in millions of frustrated hate-clicks.

As well as the initial stories prompted by his outrage-baiting tweets, Williams later convinced a friend to pose as his girlfriend and “break up” with him to generate a new round of lucrative stories.


Williams has since claimed he he signed a contract governing what he was allowed to say, at the same time as appointing content agency SWNS to act as his press agent.

Sources at outlets who paid SWNS for stories about Williams admitted to Heat Street that they found him tough to believe – but published it anyway because they were getting traffic from feminists venting their fury at him.

Instead he was featured on dozens of major news sites – Mail OnlineThe Mirror, The DebriefTeen Vogue, Cosmopolitan – none of which seemed to question his story, and were happy to perpetuate its “idiot male” narrative.

Williams did not respond to a Heat Street request for comment yesterday. SWNS distanced themselves from the subject of their stories, saying they “would never knowingly provide a story which is untrue”.