Media, Just Tell the Truth About Wahhabist Terror in Germany

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By Louise Mensch | 1:22 pm, July 25, 2016

The German media were so quick to claim that the Munich shooter was ‘not motivated by radical Islam’ and there was ‘no evidence’ of this.

But there was. He shouted, according to a Muslim witness, ‘Allahu Akhbar’ before opening fire.

Police retracted their claim he was obsessed with Anders Breivik. Now, was the Iranian connected to Daesh? Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a Wahhabist terrorist. Terrorism is not ‘organised strikes by terror groups’. In law, it is violence in the service of an ideology. And killing after shrieking ‘Allahu Akhbar’ MOST CERTAINLY counts. As Time reporter Simon Shuster said, while German police tried to kill the story:

police chief told me he doesn’t know, and doesn’t much care, whether the gunman shouted Allahu Akbar.

But it does count. Liberal media around the world are trying to equate terrorism with links to Daesh. You don’t need to be organized to be an Islamist terrorist.

‘Allahu Akhbar” then shooting dead = terrorism and Daesh are not relevant. You can be a lone wolf and be a terrorist. Ali Sonboly was one.

The BBC are, in general, trying to whitewash the wave of radical Wahhabist killers in Germany. They took David Ali Sonboly and removed the Islamic ‘Ali’ from his name. The BBC replaced the word ‘Ali’ in Sonboly’s name after Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam caught them at it:


They reported today’s migrant killer – let’s not call these scum refugees – as if he were a victim of the suicide attack, rather than a callous murderer. So indeed did Reuters. What’s wrong with these headlines? BBC:

Syrian migrant killed in German blast


Syrian man denied asylum killed in German blast: Bavarian minister

Here are the screenshots:

BBC Reuters

After outrage from tweeters, these were changed. But what does it tell us when the Western media is scrambling to hide the Muslim identity of brutal killers?

It has now come out that the German police and government suppressed the news that thousands of sexual assaults by thousands of young, male, Syrian migrants were carried out on New Year’s Eve. But it is not and can never be “Islamophobic” to report the truth.

A people who think they are being lied to while being slaughtered by mainstream media and politicians won’t be nicer to Muslims because of it. Instead, they will turn from the mainstream to the fringes. The media should expose the truth about Khawarij Islamists instead of whitewashing their crimes. It will separate out Europe’s brave, ever-welcome Muslim citizens, like the truth-telling woman who warned that Dawud Ali Sonboly shouted “Allahu Akhbar” before he started shooting, from the terrorists who seek to use the hated migrant policy of Angela Merkel, who threw out the Welcome Mat for Migrants who have raped, killed and traumatized her own people under her haughty and unfeeling nose.