Manchester Attack: Why Do Liberals Blame All Men for the Actions of a Few Murderous Muslims?

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By Martin Daubney | 5:39 am, May 25, 2017

With the dust still settling from the Manchester bombing which left 22 people dead and many others critically injured, the liberal media has, with crushing predictability, rushed to condemn the perpetrators of this “misogynistic” attack.

Of course, they didn’t condemn suicide bomber Salman Abedi, a “loner” who was a proven, radicalised, bona fide murderous ISIS jihadi but, bizarrely, masculinity as a whole. This might come as something of a shock to everybody with a penis.

First up, Rolling Stone, a magazine with such a blinkered agenda it didn’t let basic facts stop its fake ‘A Rape On Campus’ story. It stated “misogyny was deeply woven into this attack,” adding “misogyny keeps women down in every country, every ideology, every religion” without once mentioning you-know-which religion.

Slate – increasingly indistinguishable from The Onion – doubled down on this idiocy, claiming an indiscriminate bombing that also killed men was “a massive act of gender-based violence,” pathetically blaming “heteropatriarchal order” for the actions of a jihadi.

Both articles majored on two “M-words” – misogyny and masculinity – while totally omitting a third which is, of course, “Muslim”.

This is a familiar gameplay by cornered liberals, who ludicrously believe it’s safer to attack an entire gender rather than the specific Muslim men who murder innocent Westerners, for fear of appearing Islamophobic.

We’ve seen this same copybook after every attack perpetrated by Muslim men.

After the Cologne sex attacks of New Year’s Eve 2015, when 1,200 women were sexually assaulted by “North African or Arab men,” most high-profile feminists cowardly dodged the issue altogether, out of fear they would be accused of racism.

With the Orlando shooting, the Independent crowed “toxic masculinity was as much to blame as radical Islam”.

There’s something of a modern day Holocaust denial about all of this. Today the same elephant is in the room.

So why did a young jihadi man target, of all things, an Ariana Grande gig?

Here, I’m reminded of a series of investigations I did for The Sun newspaper in 2014, reporting on the Trojan Horse scandal – where radical Muslims were proven to be “taking over” schools in Birmingham by enforcing a hardline religious agenda, despite predictable (and subsequently disproven) bleats of Islamophobia from the school’s governors and the liberal media.

There had been rumours of how several Birmingham schools had banned celebrating both Christmas and Easter, while one had invited al-Qaeda sympathiser Sheikh Shady Al-Suleiman to address pupils, and another had allegedly spent £65,000 on a PA system that played the Call to Prayer in the playground.

Yet with echoes of the Rotherham sex abuse scandal, for 12 years Birmingham councillors had been too fearful of accusations of ‘racism’ to intervene.

Whistleblowing teachers – good men later proven to be on the right side of history – had been bullied into early retirement.

When I visited Birmingham’s Park View Academy, terrified parents told me how Muslim “morality squads” patrolled its playground and labelled young girls (both non-Muslim and more orthodox Sunni Muslims) as “sluts” and “whores” if they were not wearing long sleeves or a hijab.

I also learned something that I believe is significant in the context of the Manchester bombing.

Young women were being threatened and had their phones destroyed if it was discovered they were listening to Western music, such as Lady Gaga.

But why?

Muslim experts told me women such as Gaga – or Ariana Grande – represent everything radical Muslim men hate in women: strong-minded, sexually liberated feminists who might possibly cause Muslim women to question their own destiny.

When Muslim women develop a taste for the forbidden fruits of the liberal West – pop music, sexual freedom, questioning their destiny and even their faith – in the eyes of poisoned radicals like Salman Abedi, drastic action needs to be taken.

Then, it becomes OK to murder British children.

Abedi’s actions were those of a pathetic, sexist loser who not only hated the West but felt hardline Islam’s grip on British women is weakening.

Perhaps he had good reason to be afraid. I saw brutal evidence in another Sun investigation – this time into “jihadi brides”. These young, British Muslim women were so desperate to escape totalitarian familial control, they were fleeing to war-torn Syria to marry ISIS terrorists.

Kalsoom Bashir, of Muslim women’s support group Inspire, told me, “Young Muslim women often feel trapped in their lives.”

The Manchester bombing was not just an attack on British women and girls. It was an act of cultural terrorism designed to strike fear into Muslim women.

Above all, it was an attack on everything the West stands for: the liberal freedoms and the core values that define us as an open and tolerant society – values that threaten radical Islam’s very existence.

And that is a culture war that dead losers like Salman Abedi can never win.