Manchester Attack: Police Arrest 10 Alleged Accomplices of Suicide Bomber

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By Kieran Corcoran | 5:59 am, May 26, 2017
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British police have arrested ten potential accomplices of the jihadist bomber who detonated a suicide device and killed 22 people this week in Manchester.

Anti-terror officials conducted a series of raids in the aftermath of the bombing, mostly in the area around the city.

The latest raids were made early on Friday in Moss Side, a district of Manchester, and another in Merseyside, about 30 miles west of the city.

Of the ten suspects taken in, two have been released without charge. The other eight remain in police custody. None has been named.

The raids come as experts are increasingly certain that killer Salman Abedi (pictured above) acted as part of a larger terror network which helped him carry out his attack.

Photographs of the bomb scene – controversially published by the New York Times against the wishes of counter-terror police – appear to indicate an elaborate explosive device engineered for maximum carnage.

According to The Daily Telegraph, investigators now believe Abedi made the explosive himself in a makeshift bomb factory – and could have handed out additional devices to other terrorists.

The United Kingdom increased the official terror threat level to “critical” in the wake of the attack, triggering the deployment of several thousand soldiers to security hotspots across the country.

All 22 victims of the attack have now been named. The youngest was eight years old, and a further nine were teenagers.