Major ‘Peace Index’ Study Attacks America, Blames Trump for Problems in Mexico

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:46 am, June 2, 2017

A major study attempting to assess how peaceful the world is has launched a withering attack on America, downgrading its progress significantly.

The report specifically attacks the rise of “populism” and names Donald Trump as a contributing factor to the destabilization of the world.

The current US President has even been blamed for a decline in peacefulness in Mexico, apparently shouldering more blame than the nation’s own leaders.

According to the Global Peace Index, published annually by Australian think tank The Institute for Economics and Peace, America ranks 114th out of 163 in its 2017 Global Peace Index.

The US has dropped 11 places in a year, and is graded lower than Rwanda, Honduras (one of the most murderous places on earth), Uzbekistan and Qatar.

Its explanation (on page 16) of why the US has plummeted is surprisingly threadbare, but the authors write of the nation’s “deeply worrying” trajectory and predicts that under Trump “social problems within the US are also likely to become more entrenched and racial tensions may continue to simmer”.

It notes that Canada has got better over the same period.

Trump is also mentioned as the main cause of Mexico’s problems, which saw it fall two places in the past year, to 142nd.

The report states:  “For Mexico, which at 142nd ranks the lowest in the region, the decline was due to the effect of the Donald Trump presidency in the US on its relations with neighbouring countries [score] and, to a lesser extent, a deterioration in political terror.”

The report is also scathing  about the state of Europe, where it says the increased popularity of parties hostile to the European Union has disrupted peace.

Overall, however, it insists the world has grown slightly more peaceful in the past year, saying the average level of world peacefulness increased by 0.28%.