London University Students Want White Lecturers Out, Ban Newspapers From Campus

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 3:15 am, November 18, 2016

Students from City, University of London gathered on Thursday evening to pass motions banning top British newspapers on campus and slammed the university for “reproducing this ideology of whiteness”, pledging to “start discussion around the hiring of lecturers and start asking where are our Black lecturers.”

A motion titled “Opposing Facism & Social Divisiveness in the UK Media” claimed British newspapers The Daily Mail, The Sun, and The Daily Express “actively scapegoat the working classes” and “publish stories that are inherently sexist.”

It added: “freedom of speech should not be used as an excuse to attack the weakest and poorest members of society.”

Despite the university reputedly being the top school for journalism in Britain and many of its students going on to work for the newspapers which were singled out, students passed the motion which resolved that “there is no place for [the mentioned newspapers] on City, University of London campuses or properties.”

After one student asked during the meeting whether there would be any sanctions for possessing any of the newspapers on campus, the students replied: “we would discourage it.”

The motion also pledged to use the university’s resources to combat the papers’ opinion and organize direct action against them.

Another motion titled “Why Is My Curriculum White?” was passed attacking so-called “white Euro Centricity” in the curriculum and urged the university to combat “the ideology of whiteness” in order to “build genuinely inclusive and progressive places of learning.”


The motion resolved that the Student Union will “take an active role in decolonising our curriculum” and “start discussions around the hiring of lecturers and start asking where are our Black lecturers.”

But some students reported hearing that the motion in the meeting actually read “less white lecturers” rather than talking about increasing diversity among university’s staff.