Lily Allen: Calais ‘Child Migrants’ Look Old Because Govt Conspiracy

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By Kieran Corcoran | 6:31 am, October 21, 2016

Wealthy pop star Lily Allen is upset because many people in Britain are sceptical that migrants allowed into the UK from the Calais “jungle” camp are who they claim.

As such she has been waging a public Twitter war on publications which dared to question whether adult-looking children with no proof of age are really the teenagers they claim to be.

Some of the questions are pretty tough to answer: where are the younger boys? Why are there so few girls? Luckily, Allen has figured out that it’s a government conspiracy:

According to her “sources on the ground”, authorities are holding back “girls and smaller children” and only letting through older-looking males:


She is happy to indulge speculation that the government is “deliberately” doing this to make people angry and undermine the asylum system, re-posting one such suggestion (above) and repeatedly implying as much in tweets to the Home Secretary.

A conspiracy is, of course, a much easier answer for Allen than admitting that the histories of those in the Calais camp is rather more complex than she has let on.

Incidentally, while drumming up support for the inhabitants of the Calais camp, Allen said she’d be happy to house new arrivals personally – a claim which rarely comes true.

The Leave.EU pressure group picked her up on this yesterday:

Some have alleged that Allen is cynically using the migrant crisis to boost her personal profile at a time when she is recording a new album.

She herself has denied that she stands to gain anything:

However, Heat Street could not help but notice a sudden shift in tone in Allen’s tweeting.

After a slew of messages about the Calais crisis, and how The Sun is a bad newspaper, these messages appeared:

Bank Holiday Records is Lily Allen’s own record label.

Her public persona – and traffic to her social media – is at an all-time high thanks to her Calais intervention. Having all those extra eyeballs on your commercial ventures can’t hurt.