Kim Kardashian Robbery Isn’t ‘New Ryan Lochte’ – There’s CCTV Footage

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By Louise Mensch | 12:45 pm, October 7, 2016

Robberies are undeniably traumatic.

But it takes a very special something to bounce Kim Kardashian off Instagram.

Through all her family traumas, Kim has maintained her social media presence – yet suddenly she disappears like a voluptuous, improbable Trappist monk.

Now reports in a music industry blog suggest French police may be considering charges against Kanye and Kim for alleged fabrication.

Who Said It: Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian?

Say it ain’t so!

This would be the biggest thing since Ryan Lochte. As the blog points out:

According to details somehow ‘leaked’ to TMZ, there isn’t any security footage of the crime.  Somehow, a five-person crew managed to evade every single camera, either inside the hotel or outside the building.  At this point, no other cameras have recorded anything, even though Paris is littered with cameras on every block.

In fact, one police surveillance camera outside the building shows zero activity.  That could be because it was pointed away from the building, or, perhaps there was absolutely nothing to record.

However, it appears not to be true. Later reports in UK tabloids also suggest there IS CCTV footage – of five middle aged white men.

In a further dramatic twist, officers said there may be CCTV images of the gang both arriving and leaving the luxury apartment block in central Paris, close to the British Embassy.

French police want to speak to the Kardashian bodyguard – who left for New York.

According to the UK’s Sun newspaper, they have also ‘identified an inconsistency’ in the testimony of one witness – the porter.

Police, meanwhile, have identified an inconsistency in the account of the porter who let the robbers in when they buzzed an intercom asking for Kim at the posh Hotel Pourtales.

The plot thickens.