Justin Trudeau Dodges Cultural Appropriation Police – Despite Headdress Costume

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By Kieran Corcoran | 1:20 pm, November 1, 2016

Celebrities are being struck down left, right and center for wearing insensitive Halloween costumes – but not Justin Trudeau.

The liberal darling Prime Minister of Canada managed to rock a Middle Eastern-style headdress on the streets of Ottawa last night, and still dodge all censure.

Trudeau wore a Saudi Arabian-style keffiyeh as he went from door to door with his son – but aside from a few trolls, the cultural appropriation mob kept their distance.

The usually-vicious crowds were mollified because Trudeau said his outfit was a reference to Le Petit Prince, a French children’s novel which sees a man of indeterminate race stranded in the desert, whereupon he dons the headdress.

He carried the costume off by dressing his son Hadrien as the eponymous Prince, making clear it was a literary reference and nothing sinister.

A cynic might say that Trudeau effectively used his cute son as a prop to let him get a way with a costume that would otherwise have proved instantly ~problematic~.


Some alt-right types tried to whip up a storm anyway, but got majorly outgunned by the Trudeau fan squad.

Heat Street can’t help but wonder whether the forces of social justice would give a free pass to celebrities they instinctively love a little less.

For example, this ordinary student got punished for a “racist” costume that obviously wasn’t racist, because he didn’t have awesome Trudeau vibes to defend him.

“Context” is great if you’re a liberal superstar, but the likes of Hilary Duff, John Legend and Heidi Klum got precious little chance to explain before being made to prostrate themselves for wearing the wrong clothes.

Then again, if Trudeau can shrink the economy, wimp out on his threats, and elbow a woman in the chest without getting told off, why should Halloween be any different?